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Title: High-power dual-wavelength loop-mirror cavity fiber laser
Authors: Abdullah, F. 
Mahdi, M.A. 
Bouzid, B. 
Abdullah, M.K. 
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: A high-power dual-wavelength laser is constructed in two fiber-loop mirror cavities by utilizing a common-gain medium. The output power and side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) of the lasers were investigated for a bidirectionally pumped system. The outcome of the experiment shows that two lasing signals can be obtained at the wavelengths of 1546.04 and 1550.64 nm at a less than 1-dB peak power difference, at peak powers of 7.30 and 6.57 dBm, respectively. This result was obtained without any intracavity attenuators. The side-mode suppression ratio of both signals is around 46 dB.
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