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Title: Green cloud platform for flood early detection warning system in smart city
Authors: Yusoff, A. 
Mustafa, I.S. 
Yussof, S. 
Din, N.M. 
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The use of cloud computing is gaining its preferences by researchers and inventors worldwide including for the development in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructures. This is especially in the move of defining a smart city development. Contrarily, there's always uncontrollable forces and natural disaster that would challenge man's creation in technological advancements. This article discusses one of the common disasters that occurred in both urban or rural housing areas and neighborhood i.e. The flood. This article is proposing that the flood management and early warning detection can be resolved with cloud computing facility. Through the progressive appearance of cloud computing, it is also expected that this facility is complemented with the Green Cloud technology to promote the green environment towards a better living in the smart cities. © 2015 IEEE.
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