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Title: An effective conceptual multisensory multimedia model to support dyslexic children in learning
Authors: Sidhu, M.S. 
Manzura, E. 
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Multimedia has affected many areas in education and benefited users, including disabled ones. In this paper the authors propose an effective conceptual courseware development model specifically for dyslexic children. Five essential features are identified to support this model, namely, interaction, activities, background colour customization, directional text reading (left-right) identification, and detail instructions. A prototype courseware based on the proposed model was developed and tested with a small sample of dyslexic children from selected schools in Malaysia. The evaluation showed positive results in terms of performance whereby 60% of the users showed improvement in their performance, 30% showed unchanged results and 10% displayed a decrease in performance. Copyright © 2011, IGI Global.
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