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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Knowledge audit for References and Customer Services Unit at UNITEN libraryAl-Omari, Z.H. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
2013Knowledge Management in Agents of Things: A case study of smart classroom managementIsmail, S. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
2019Koch Fractal Loop Circular Polarization (CP) Antenna Integrated with Solar CellsAlobaidi, O.R. ; Akhtaruzzaman, M. ; Selvanathan, V. ; Amin, N. 
2017L-L multilevel boost converter topology for renewable energy applications: A new series voltage multiplier L-L converter of XY familyBhaskar, M.S. ; Padmanaban, S. ; Fedak, V. ; Blaabjerg, F. ; Wheeler, P.W. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
2019Leaf Classification using Local Binary Pattern and Histogram of Oriented GradientsJanahiraman, T.V. ; Yee, L.K. ; Der, C.S. ; Aris, H. 
2014Learning sufficient representation for spatio-temporal deep network using information filterHu, Y. ; Neoh, D.T.H. ; Sahari, K.S.M. ; Loo, C.K. 
2010Lightning forecasting using ANN-BP & radiosondeWeng, L.Y. ; Omar, J.B. ; Siah, Y.K. ; Ahmed, S.K. ; Abidin, I.B.Z. ; Abdullah, N. 
2019Lightning impulse strength of 275 kV and 132 kV tower with composite crossarmAbd Rahman, M.S. ; Ab Kadir, M.Z.A. ; Ab-Rahman, M.S. ; Osman, M. ; Nor, S.F.M. 
2008Lightning prediction using radiosonde dataWeng, L.Y. ; Omar, J.B. ; Siah, Y.K. ; Abidin, I.B.Z. ; Ahmad, S.K. 
2019Lightning surge on the DC and AC side of solar PV systemZaini, N.H. ; Ab-Kadir, M.Z.A. ; Radzi, M.A.M. ; Azis, N. ; Ahmad, N.I. ; Nasir, M.S.M. ; Izadi, M. ; Ab Aziz, N.F. ; Ali, Z. 
2014Linear versus quadratic portfolio optimization model with transaction costRazak, N.B.A. ; Kamil, K.H. ; Elias, S.M. 
2019Linking Bayesian Network and Intensive Care Units Data: A Glycemic Control StudyAbu-Samah, A. ; Abdul Razak, N.N. ; Mohamad Suhaimi, F. ; Jamaludin, U.K. ; Chase, G. 
2017Linking knowledge and industry needs through problem-based learning in power electronics courseHussain, I.S. ; Jaafar, S. 
2019Lithium Ion Battery Thermal Management System Using Optimized Fuzzy ControllerHannan, M.A. ; Young, Y.S. ; Hoque, M.M. ; Ker, P.J. ; Uddin, M.N. 
2019Lithium-ion Battery State of Charge Estimation Method Using Optimized Deep Recurrent Neural Network AlgorithmLipu, M.S.H. ; Hannan, M.A. ; Hussain, A. ; Saad, M.H.M. ; Ayob, A. ; Muttaqi, K.M. 
2017Load management for Voltage Stability control in multi-area power systemMustaffa, S.A.S. ; Musirin, I. ; Othman, M.M. ; Salimin, R.H. 
2011Low complexity user and spatial detection by using AD8313 evaluation boardHock, G.C. ; Raymond, W.J.K. ; Kiong, T.S. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. 
2015A low mutual coupling design of UWB arrayKasi, B. ; Jalil, Y.E. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. 
2017Low-Voltage-Ride-Through control of a modular multilevel SDBC inverter for utility-Scale photovoltaic systemsSochor, P. ; Akagi, H. ; Tan, N.M.L. 
2009Lumped element circuit model approximation of an UWB patch antennaBadjian, M.H. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Devkumar, S. ; Hock, G.C.