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12014Effect of compatibilizers on in vitro biocompatibility of PLA–HA bioscaffoldNainar, S.M.M. ; Begum, S. ; Ansari, M.N.M. ; Hoque, M.E. ; Aini, S.S. ; Ng, M.H. ; Ruszymah, B.H.I. 
22011Investigating the heating of water through a double tube nonphase change heat pipeBegum, S. ; Rahman, M.M. ; Rui, T.W. 
32014Investigating the physical and mechanical properties of TiO2 varistor materials prepared with various dopantsDaud, I.R. ; Begum, S. ; Rahman, M.M. ; Gholizadeh, S. ; Kothandapani, Z. 
42015Performance evaluation of doped titanium oxide for low-voltage applicationsBegum, S. ; Daud, I.R. ; Ramasamy, A. 
52007Processing of mesoporous silica materials (MCM-41) from coal fly ashMisran, H. ; Singh, R. ; Begum, S. ; Yarmo, M.A. 
62014Study of the effect of WO3 and Bi2O3 on the microstructure and electrical properties of a TiO2 based varistorKothandapani, Z. ; Begum, S. ; Ahmad, I. ; Daud, I.R. ; Gholizadeh, S. 

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Shahida Begum Assoc. Prof. Dr.
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Begum, S.
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