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12018Antiwashout behavior of calcium phosphate cement incorporated with Poly(ethylene glycol)Hablee, S. ; Sopyan, I. ; Mel, M. ; Salleh, H.M. ; Rahman, M.M. 
22018Comparison conventional coated beam with functionally graded coated beamToudehdehghan, A. ; Rahman, M.M. 
32008The effect of lubrication in reducing net friction in warm powder compaction processNor, S.S.M. ; Rahman, M.M. ; Tarlochan, F. ; Shahida, B. ; Ariffin, A.K. 
42018Effect of poly (Ethylene Glycol) on the injectability, setting behavior, and mechanical properties of calcium phosphate bone cementHablee, S. ; Sopyan, I. ; Mel, M. ; Salleh, H.M. ; Rahman, M.M. 
52018The effects of excess calcium on the handling and mechanical properties of hydrothermal derived calcium phosphate bone cementRazali, N.N. ; Sukardi, M.A. ; Sopyan, I. ; Mel, M. ; Salleh, H.M. ; Rahman, M.M. 
62018Effects of forming temperature and sintering rate to the final properties of FeCuAl powder compacts formed through uniaxial die compaction processRahman, M.M. ; Ismail, M.A. ; Sopyan, I. ; Rahman, H.Y. 
72018Effects of sintering time and temperature to the characteristics of FeCrAl powder compacts formed at elevated temperatureRahman, M.M. ; Rahman, H.Y. ; Awang, M.A.A. ; Sopyan, I. 
82018Evaluation of a large eddy simulation on thermal boundary condition in underground car parkTharima, A.F. ; Yusoff, M.Z. ; Rahman, M.M. 
92017Evolution of Surface Acoustic Waves in an Optical MicrofiberEmami, S.D. ; Jing, L.H. ; Rahman, M.M. ; Abdullah, F. ; Abdul-Rashid, H.A. ; Dashtabi, M.M. ; Azizur Rahman, B.M. 
102018An experimental investigation on the effect of sintering temperature and holding time to the characteristics of fecual powder compacts formed at elevated temperatureRahman, M.M. ; Ismail, M.A. ; Rahman, H.Y. 
112011Investigating the heating of water through a double tube nonphase change heat pipeBegum, S. ; Rahman, M.M. ; Rui, T.W. 
122014Investigating the physical and mechanical properties of TiO2 varistor materials prepared with various dopantsDaud, I.R. ; Begum, S. ; Rahman, M.M. ; Gholizadeh, S. ; Kothandapani, Z. 
132016Liquid cooled plate heat exchanger for battery cooling of an electric vehicle (EV)Rahman, M.M. ; Rahman, H.Y. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Sheng, J.L.Y. 
142012Review paper Integration of Biodiesel and bioethanol processes: Convertion of low cost waste glycerol to bioethanolNomanbhay, S. ; Hussain, R. ; Rahman, M.M. ; Palanisamy, K. 

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Md Mujibur Rahman Prof. Dr.
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Rahman, M.M.
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