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12019Water quality physical parameters distribution mapping at upstream of dam spillwayNurhikmah, F. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Zahari, N.M. ; Hassan, N.H. ; Yusairah, W.N. ; Aziz, N.A. ; Melan, A. ; Radzi, M.R.M. ; Hassani, A. ; Sidek, L.M. 
22018Treatment efficiency rate of solar powered water treatment device (SWAD)Zawawi, M.H. ; Yusairah, W.N. ; Abidin, S.Z. ; Ismail, I.N. ; Zahari, N.M. 
32017Treatability of drinking water parameters from Kerian River by using carbon-mineral composite: Batch mechanisms and characterization studyKamaruddin, M.A. ; Yusoff, M.S. ; Nordin, M.F.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Alrozi, R. 
42018A study on vermicompost yield and total microbial count by Eudrilus Eugeniae species under different temperature regimeKamaruddin, M.A. ; Idrus, A.F.M. ; Norashiddin, F.A. ; Ibrahim, M.H. ; Hamzah, M.R. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Alrozi, R. 
52018Study on the potential use of textured plastic covers to improve a solar cell performanceKader, M.A.A. ; Mohamed, H. ; Isa, M.R. ; Zahari, N.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Zaabar, F.I. 
62018A study of phosphorus sediment distribution at Putrajaya Wetland using geographic information system (GIS - ArcMap) modelingZahari, N.M. ; Gye, S.K. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Chow, M.F. ; Mohamad, D. ; Haron, S.H. ; Nazmi, I. ; Hassan, M. ; Isa, R.M. ; Sapian, A.Z. ; Noordin, N. ; Rahaman, N.A. ; Muhamad, Y. ; Saman, J.M. 
72018Study of Groundwater Physical Characteristics: A Case Study at District of Pekan, PahangHashim, M.M.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Samuding, K. ; Dominic, J.A. ; Zulkurnain, M.H. ; Mohamad, K. 
82018Structural Dynamic Analysis of the Chenderoh Dam Sector Gate SectionGhazali, M.H.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Hassan, N.H. ; Radzi, M.R.M. ; Mazlan, A.Z.A. ; Abas, M.A. ; Zainol, M.R.R.M.A. 
9Dec-2019Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Study of Sediment Profile ErosionAzman, A. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Radzi, M.R.M. ; Abas, A. ; Aziz, N.A. 
102019A review: Independent water and wastewater treatment methodsYusairah, W.N. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Abidin, S.Z. ; Ismail, I.N. ; Zahari, M.N. ; Kamaruddin, M.A. ; Sidek, L.M. 
112017Resource recovery from municipal solid waste by mechanical heat treatment: An opportunityKamaruddin, M.A. ; Yusoff, M.S. ; Ibrahim, N. ; Zawawi, M.H. 
122019Relative importance index (RII) in ranking of quality factors on industrialised building system (IBS) projects in MalaysiaAzman, N.S. ; Ramli, M.Z. ; Razman, R. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Ismail, I.N. ; Isa, M.R. 
132018Prediction of the Flow-Induced Vibration Response of the Chenderoh Dam Left Bank SectionGhazali, M.H.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Hassan, N.H. ; Radzi, M.R.M. ; Mazlan, A.Z.A. ; Abas, M.A. ; Zainol, M.R.R.M.A. 
142017Potential use of plastic waste as construction materials: Recent progress and future prospectKamaruddin, M.A. ; Abdullah, M.M.A. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Zainol, M.R.R.A. 
152018The performance of diapers polymer in concrete as self-curing agent in term of chemical propertiesMohamad, D. ; Beddu, S. ; Zahari, N.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Syamsir, A. ; Radzuan, N. ; Sapuan, W.K.M. 
162019Numerical study of the effect of flow on bottom outlet of damAzman, A. ; Abas, A. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Rozainy, M.R.M.A.Z. ; Abustan, I. 
172017Numerical analysis study of sarawak barrage river bed erosion and scouring by using Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic (SPH)Zainol, M.R.R.M.A. ; Kamaruddin, M.A. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Wahab, K.A. 
182018Mechanical properties of high performance self-curing concrete using hydrogel polymer diapersMohamad, D. ; Beddu, S. ; Zahari, N.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Syamsir, A. ; Ismail, I.N. ; Rasidi, D.I.S. ; Sapuan, W.K.M. 
192018Maximum stress analysis for dam structure due to different magnitude scales of ground movementsZawawi, M.H. ; Itam, Z. ; Saleha, A. ; Ramli, M.Z. ; Hassan, N.H. ; Zahari, N.M. ; Salwa, A. ; Muda, Z.C. 
202018Introduction of discrete phase model (DPM) in fluid flow: A reviewZahari, N.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Mohamad, D. ; Itam, Z. ; Ramli, M.Z. ; Syamsir, A. ; Abas, A. ; Rashid, M. 

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Zawawi, M.H.
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