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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Assessing the predictability of an improved ANFIS model for monthly streamflow using lagged climate indices as predictorsEhteram, M. ; Afan, H.A. ; Dianatikhah, M. ; Ahmed, A.N. ; Fai, C.M. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Allawi, M.F. ; Elshafie, A. 
2019Deposition of CdS Thin Film by Thermal EvaporationDey, M. ; Das, N.K. ; Sen Gupta, A.K. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Matin, M.A. ; Amin, N. 
2019Determination of biochemical oxygen demand and dissolved oxygen for semi-arid river environment: application of soft computing modelsTao, H. ; Bobaker, A.M. ; Ramal, M.M. ; Yaseen, Z.M. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Shahid, S. 
Nov-2019Development of a novel hybrid optimization algorithm for minimizing irrigation deficienciesValikhan-Anaraki, M. ; Mousavi, S.-F. ; Farzin, S. ; Karami, H. ; Ehteram, M. ; Kisi, O. ; Fai, C.M. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Hayder, G. ; Ahmed, A.N. ; El-Shafie, A.H. ; Bin Hashim, H. ; Afan, H.A. ; Lai, S.H. ; El-Shafie, A. 
May-2019Evaluation of parameter regionalization methods for flood simulations in Kelantan river basinChow, M.F. ; Jamil, M.M. ; Ros, F.C. ; Yuzir, M.A.M. ; Hossain, M.S. 
2014Evolutionary techniques versus swarm intelligences: Application in reservoir release optimizationHossain, M.S. ; El-Shafie, A. 
2018Growth optimization of ZnxCd1-xS films on ITO and FTO coated glass for alternative buffer application in CdTe thin film solar cellsHossain, M.S. ; Rahman, K.S. ; Islam, M.A. ; Akhtaruzzaman, M. ; Misran, H. ; Alghoul, M.A. ; Amin, N. 
2019High mobility and transparent ZTO ETM prepared by RF reactive co-sputtering for perovskite solar cell applicationIslam, M.A. ; Rahman, K.S. ; Misran, H. ; Asim, N. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Akhtaruzzaman, M. ; Amin, N. 
2018Hybrid or modified optimization algorithms for dam reservoir water operation: A reviewNurhikmah, F. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Zawawi, M.H. 
2019Impact of CdTe thin film thickness in ZnxCd1−xS/CdTe solar cell by RF sputteringHossain, M.S. ; Rahman, K.S. ; Karim, M.R. ; Aijaz, M.O. ; Dar, M.A. ; Shar, M.A. ; Misran, H. ; Amin, N. 
2018The influence of addition of treated kenaf fibre in the production and properties of fibre reinforced foamed compositeMahzabin, M.S. ; Hock, L.J. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Kang, L.S. 
May-2019Integrated support vector regression and an improved particle swarm optimization-based model for solar radiation predictionGhazvinian, H. ; Mousavi, S.-F. ; Karami, H. ; Farzin, S. ; Ehteram, M. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Fai, C.M. ; Hashim, H.B. ; Singh, V.P. ; Ros, F.C. ; Ahmed, A.N. ; Afan, H.A. ; Lai, S.H. ; El-Shafie, A. 
2013Intelligent Systems in Optimizing Reservoir Operation Policy: A ReviewHossain, M.S. ; El-shafie, A. 
2018Irrigation management based on reservoir operation with an improved weed algorithmEhteram, M. ; Singh, V.P. ; Karami, H. ; Hosseini, K. ; Dianatikhah, M. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Fai, C.M. ; El-Shafie, A. 
Apr-2019A novel hybrid evolutionary data-intelligence algorithm for irrigation and power production management: Application to multi-purpose reservoir systemsYaseen, Z.M. ; Ehteram, M. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Fai, C.M. ; Koting, S.B. ; Mohd, N.S. ; Jaafar, W.Z.B. ; Afan, H.A. ; Hin, L.S. ; Zaini, N. ; Ahmed, A.N. ; El-Shafie, A. 
2018Operating a reservoir system based on the shark machine learning algorithmAllawi, M.F. ; Jaafar, O. ; Mohamad Hamzah, F. ; Ehteram, M. ; Hossain, M.S. ; El-Shafie, A. 
2013Optimal operation of Klang gate dam using genetic algorithmHossain, M.S. ; El-Shafie, A. 
2018Passive congregation theory for particle swarm optimization (PSO): An application in reservoir system operationHossain, M.S. ; Mohd Sidek, L.B. ; Marufuzzaman, M. ; Zawawi, M.H. 
2014Performance analysis of artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm in optimizing release policy of Aswan High DamHossain, M.S. ; El-shafie, A. 
2020PMP Driven Probable Maximum Flood for 4 Dams in Sungai Perak Hydroelectric SchemeMohd Sidek, L. ; Marufuzzaman, M. ; Rakhecha, P.R. ; M Radzi, M.R. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Zawawi, M.H.