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2000Ultrasound micro-power meterOng, H.S. ; Ritenour, E.R. 
2000Management information systems in higher learning institutes of Malaysia: An overviewJais, Jamilin ; Rahman, Zarina Abdul ; Hamid, Suhaila Abdul ; Ibrahim, Zailani ; Yusoff, Mohd.Zaliman Mohd ; Hussain, Hanafizan 
2000Fast scheduling algorithm for WDM optical networksCheah, Cheng Lai ; Ali, Borhanuddin Mohd ; Mukerjee, Malay R. ; Prakash, V. ; Selvakennedy, S. 
2000Design of an automated data entry system for hand-filled formsNing, Lim Woan ; Siah, Yap Keem ; Khalid, Marzuki ; Yusof, Rubiyah 
2000Isolation and characterization of an unusual form of L-amino acid oxidase from King cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) venomTan, N.H. ; Saifuddin, M.N. 
2000Enzymatic and toxic properties of Ophiophagus hannah (king cobra) venom and venom fractionsTan, N.-H. ; Saifuddin Hj, M.N. 
2000Effect of body weight at calving on body-weight changes during early lactation and post-partum reproductive performance in buffaloesBhalaru, S.S. ; Dhillon, J.S. ; Tiwana, M.S. 
2000Late rupture afte Dacron wrapping of aortic aneurysmsDhillon, J.S. ; Randhawa, G.K. ; Straehley, C.J. ; McNamara, J.J. 
2000Assessment of chronic venous insufficiency using dynamic venous pressure studiesRandhawa, G.K. ; Dhillon, J.S. ; Kistner, R.L. ; Ferris III, E.B. 
2000Successful repair of left ventricular rupture after redo mitral valve replacementDhillon, J.S. ; Randhawa, G.K. ; Pett Jr., S.B. 
2000Project management in telecommunications - a case studyImam, Muhammad H. ; Dhillon, Jasjit S. 
2000Percutaneous removal of thoracostomy tubesMonsein, L.H. ; Woodside, J.R. ; Dhillon, J.S. 
2000All-Zero-AC block detection using energy preservation theorem for H.263 video codingChen, S.D. ; Ramli, Abd.Rahman ; Mukerjee, M.R. 
Oct-2000Operating systems - CMPD 264 - Semester 1, 2000/2001College of Computer Science and Information Technology 
2001Ethics & technical communication - COEB 413 - Semester 2, 2000/2001College of Computer Science and Information Technology 
2001Engineering mechanics: Statics - MEMD 124 - Semester 2, 2001/2002College of Engineering 
2001Physics - PHYB 134 - Semester 1, 2001/2002College of Engineering 
2001Introduction to microcontrollers - EEED 254 - Semester 1, 2001/2002College of Engineering 
2001RF / Microwave engineering - EECB 493 - Semester Jun, 2001/2002College of Engineering 
2001Circuit analysis I - EEEB 214 - Semester 1, 2001/2002College of Engineering