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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Characterization of PV panel and global optimization of its model parameters using genetic algorithmIsmail, M.S. ; Moghavvemi, M. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. 
2011Characterization of shot peened 2024-T351 aluminum alloyZaroog, O.S. ; Ali, A. ; Sahari, B.B. 
2011Characterization of thermally grown oxide on cold sprayed CoNiCrAlY bond coat in thermal barrier coatingManap, A. ; Seo, D. ; Ogawa, K. 
2016Characterization of uranium bearing material using X-ray fluorescence and direct gamma-rays measurement techniquesMujaini, M. ; Chankow, N. ; Yusoff, M.Z. ; Hamid, N.A. 
2015Characterization study for polymer core solder balls under AC and TC reliability testTan, C.H. ; Yap, B.K. ; Tan, C.Y. 
2011Characterizations of Cu-based coated Al7075 via plasma-spray method - A wear case studyGhazali, M.J. ; Mat Kamal, S.E. ; Abdullah, S. ; Misran, H. 
2015Characterizations of The Exposed Metal-Organic Framework (MOF-199) MaterialsArman Meshkinnejad ; Halina Misran ; Nurfatihah Mahadi 
2014Characterizations of waste soil of open dumping areaPauzi, N.I.M. ; Omar, H. ; Huat, B.B.K. ; Misran, H. 
2017Charge equalization controller algorithm for series-connected lithium-ion battery storage systems: Modeling and applicationsHannan, M.A. ; Hoque, M.M. ; Ker, P.J. ; Begum, R.A. ; Mohamed, A. 
2010Charge transport of novel blue dibenzothiophene phenylenediamine copolymerKar, Y.B. ; Abdullah, S.F. ; Chou, Y.T. ; Kok, H.C. 
2016Chemical and thermal properties of purified kenaf core and oil palm empty fruit bunch ligninHashim, S.N.A.S. ; Zakaria, S. ; Chia, C.H. ; Pua, F.L. ; Jaafar, S.N.S. 
2013Chemical oxidation of N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide by sulfate radical-based oxidation: Kinetics and mechanism of degradationTay, K.S. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Bin Abas, M.R. 
Nov-2006Chemistery II - CHEF 123/CHEB 123 - Semester 1, 2006/2007College of Engineering 
30-Mar-2004Chemistry - CHED 114 - Semester 2, 2003/2004College of Engineering 
Nov-2006Chemistry - CHEF 113, 2006/2007College of Engineering 
Oct-2005Chemistry - CHEF 123, Semester 1, 2005/2006College of Engineering 
Sep-2014Chemistry for engineering - CHED 114/124 - Semester 2, 2014/2015College of Foundation and Diploma Studies 
Sep-2014Chemistry for engineering - CHED 114/124 - Semester 2, 2014/2015College of Foundation and Diploma Studies 
Sep-2015Chemistry for engineering - CHED 124 - Semester 1, 2015/2016College of Foundation and Diploma Studies 
Sep-2016Chemistry for engineering - CHED 124 - Semester 1, 2016/2017College of Foundation and Diploma Studies