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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011Study of shear strength on natural soil using laboratory modeling of Static Standard Penetration Test (SSPT)Hafez, M.A. ; Syazana Syahirah, J. 
22011Study of bearing capacity of lime-cement columns with pulverized fuel ash for soil stabilization using laboratory modelAilin Nur, J.O. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Norbaya, S. 
32013Strengthening sand column using PFA-cement mixtureMustafa, Y. ; Shakri, S. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Adnan, M.A. 
42011Static laboratory compaction methodDoris Asmani, M.Y. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Nurbaya, S. 
52015Rutting load equivalency factors of heavy vehicles operating in the Sothern part of Malaysian peninsulaYassenn, O.M. ; Endut, I.R. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Ishak, S.Z. 
62017Prediction of axial limit capacity of stone columns using dimensional analysisNazaruddin, A.T. ; Mohamed, Z. ; Mohd Azizul, L. ; Hafez, M.A. 
72011Overloading at the northern part of the Malaysian expresswayYassenn, O.M. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Endut, I.R. ; Bin Baharom, I.B. ; Ab Wahab, M.Y. 
82010Modeling of shallow slope failure using curved-surface envelope extended Mohr-Coulomb modelMd. Noor, M.J. ; Hadi, B.A. ; Hafez, M.A. 
92015Fatigue damage ratios for heavy vehicles operating in the southern part of Malaysian PeninsulaMahmoud Yassenn, O. ; Endut, I.R. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Ishak, S.Z. ; Kordi, N.E. 
102014Effects of use of PFA on strength of stone column and sand columnShakri, M.S. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Adnan, M.A. ; Nazaruddin, A.T. 
112010Effectiveness of pre-wetting and pre-loading technique in solving wetting collapse settlementMd. Noor, M.J. ; Mohamed Jais, I.B. ; Hafez, M.A. 
122008Effective stress and complex soil settlement behaviourMd. Noor, M.J. ; Mat. Jidin, R. ; Hafez, M.A. 
132010Comparison between static and dynamic laboratory compaction methodsHafez, M.A. ; Doris Asmani, M. ; Nurbaya, S. 
142013Comparison between static and dynamic compaction for California Bearing Ratio (CBR)Doris Asmani, M.Y. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Shakri, M.S. 
152012Axle overloading at the southern part of the North-South Expressway in MalaysiaYassenn, O.M. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Endut, I.R. ; Baharom, Ir.B.B. ; Wahab, M.Y.A. 
162012Axle load distribution and overloading at the central part of the North-south expressway in MalaysiaYassenn, O.M. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Endu, I.R. ; Baharom, Ir.B.B. ; Wahab, M.Y.A. 
172014A study on effect of PFA on stabilized material using direct shear testShakri, M.S. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Adnan, M.A. 
182013A laboratory study on PFA-cement mixture to increase unconfined compression strength of sand columnShakri, S. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Norbaya, S. 
192013A laboratory study on bearing capacity of treated stone columnNazaruddin, A.T. ; Shakri, M.S. ; Hafez, M.A. 

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Mohamed Ahmed Hafez Ahmed Dr.
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Hafez, M.A.
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