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12014Effects of use of PFA on strength of stone column and sand columnShakri, M.S. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Adnan, M.A. ; Nazaruddin, A.T. 
22013Comparison between static and dynamic compaction for California Bearing Ratio (CBR)Doris Asmani, M.Y. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Shakri, M.S. 
32014A study on effect of PFA on stabilized material using direct shear testShakri, M.S. ; Hafez, M.A. ; Adnan, M.A. 
42013A laboratory study on bearing capacity of treated stone columnNazaruddin, A.T. ; Shakri, M.S. ; Hafez, M.A. 

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Shakri, M.S.
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