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12009Use of post flame metal-based and oxygenated additive combination for biodiesel-diesel blendsHusnawan, M. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Mekhilef, S. ; Saifullah, M.G. 
22009Thermal analysis of cylinder head carbon deposits from single cylinder diesel engine fueled by palm oil-diesel fuel emulsionsHusnawan, M. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Saifullah, M.G. 
32009The use of renewable basestock lubricant containing metal-free additive and their effects on triboproperties and diesel engine CO2 emissionHusnawan, M. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Saifullah, M.G. ; Mohammad, E.N. 
42009The use of dihydroxy fatty acid and palm-based polyol as selected components of envo-diesel fuel blends to reduce C.I. engine gaseous emissions and carbon depositsHusnawan, M. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Saifullah, M.G. ; Kalam, M.A. 
52011The interest of combining two additives with palm olein as selected lubricant componentsHusnawan, M. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. 
62011Prospects of dedicated biodiesel engine vehicles in Malaysia and IndonesiaJayed, M.H. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Kalam, M.A. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Husnawan, M. ; Liaquat, A.M. 
72008PAH and other emissions from account oil blended fuelsKalam, M.A. ; Saifullah, M.G. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Husnawan, M. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. 
82009Energy savings potential by substituting driving with walking and cycling for short distanceMahlia, T.M.I. ; Husnawan, M. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Remuslara, L. ; Saidur, R. 
92009Energy analysis of cooling pump in internal combustion engineMahlia, T.M.I. ; Husnawan, M. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Chow, K.V. ; Low, T.S. ; Liaw, A.W.J. 
102004Development of energy test procedure for household refrigerator-freezers in MalaysiaSaidur, R. ; Nasrudin, A.R. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Choudhury, I.A. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Husnawan, M. 
112010Clothes drying from room air conditioning waste heat: Thermodynamics investigationMahlia, T.M.I. ; Hor, C.G. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Husnawan, M. ; Varman, M. ; Mekhilef, S. 
122010An approach to estimate the life-cycle cost of energy efficiency improvement of room air conditionersMahlia, T.M.I. ; Saidur, R. ; Husnawan, M. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Kalam, M.A. 

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Husnawan, M.
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