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Title: PAH and other emissions from account oil blended fuels
Authors: Kalam, M.A. 
Saifullah, M.G. 
Masjuki, H.H. 
Husnawan, M. 
Mahlia, T.M.I. 
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: This paper presents results of a multi-cylinder diesel engine operated on blends of ordinary coconut oil (COCO; 10%, 20%,30%,40%,50%) with ordinary diesel oil (OD). Methyl esters from cooking oil are less encouraging to be used as biofuel. because this affects food-fuel crisis. However, biofuel obtained from waste cooking oil is more appreciated due to energy savings and environmental issues. Test results indicated that COCO blended fuels (10-30 %) produced similar brake power and net heat release rate as OD. Increasing coconut oil in blend decreases exhaust emissions. Carbon deposited on injector nozzles was observed where no hard carbon was found on injector tip when engine run on COCO blends.
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