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12015Towards Channel Sensing Order Design: A ReviewNoorhayati Mohamed Noor ; Norashidah Md Din ; Rozita Yunos 
22015A Taxonomy on Knowledge-based Geographical Information System (GIS) for a Cloud-based Disaster Management EnvironmentAziyati Yusoff ; Shapina Abdullah ; Norashidah Md Din 
32015Fibre-Wireless DBA Environment using LABVIEW and USRPYasmin Asilah Mahmud ; Norashidah Md Din ; Fairuz Abdullah ; Nurul Asyikin ; Ramesh Kumar 
42015Comparison of Propagation Path Loss Models on Outdoor Wireless Lan Applications in Rural AreaMuhamad Shaharil Bin Shairudin ; Norashidah Md Din ; Nurul Asyikin ; Intan Shafinaz Mustafa 

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Norashidah Md Din
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