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Title: A Taxonomy on Knowledge-based Geographical Information System (GIS) for a Cloud-based Disaster Management Environment
Authors: Aziyati Yusoff 
Shapina Abdullah 
Norashidah Md Din 
Keywords: Cloud GIS
Semantic Web of GIS
GIS Emergency Response
Issue Date: 2015
Conference: The 3rd National Graduate Conference (NatGrad2015), Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Putrajaya Campus, 8-9 April 2015 
Abstract: Recent trend shows that the cloud computing is making an impressive impact to the computing world. This is due to its features that are in favor with the complex and vastly expandable field in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and networking systems. Other advantages of the cloud are including its mobility, scalability and elasticity. Scholars had cited on its definitions, attributes, applications to name a few. On the other hand, the study on the cloud computing with reference to the disaster management environment has yet to be explored thoroughly by available sources. The emergence of Geographical Information System (GIS) to provide and support the geospatial and mapping data in ICT world had improved the tasks of geographical sciences tremendously. GIS has found its way to be programmable and dynamic in conjunction with the knowledge based age evolution. Due to this fact, this paper is prepared to derive the knowledge representations in the field of GIS to suit the cloud-based facility. As a result, a taxonomy for knowledge based GIS in the cloud-based disaster management environment is deduced. A review of the technology is made before coming up with the taxonomy.
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