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Title: Energy Awareness Architecture for IoT Home Sensor Network
Authors: Foo Che-Bin 
Ong Hang-See 
Keywords: Internet of Things
Smart Home
Sensor Network.
Issue Date: 2015
Conference: The 3rd National Graduate Conference (NatGrad2015), Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Putrajaya Campus, 8-9 April 2015 
Abstract: In-home energy monitoring and control has been the topic of discussion in the area of home as part of the smart grid. This paper outlines the fundamental building block and system which involve in realizing home with context awareness and sensor network. Protocols implementation and context aware system architecture in various work are discussed and explored. Subsequently, an architecture that combines the various building block has been created with the Hive-Nerve sensor network nodes architecture to address the challenges of an energy awareness architecture for smart home.
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