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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A review of individual factors on knowledge sharing: Evidence from the empirical literatureShehab, S. ; Rahim, R.E.A. ; Daud, S. 
2008An empirical study of knowledge management processes in small and medium enterprisesDaud, S. ; Yusuf, W.F.W. 
2019Attaining sustainable organization in an era of technology disruption through leadership and strategic decision making: Mediating role of organizational politicsWan Hanafi, W.N. ; Daud, S. 
2011Business and technical graduates personality traits: A comparative evaluationAbidin, N. ; Daud, S. 
2017Creating industry driven sustainable technical graduates: A case from MalaysiaRajadurai, J. ; Sapuan, N.M. ; Daud, S. ; Abidin, N. 
2011Do business graduates' attributes fulfill industry requirements and expectations?Daud, S. ; Sapuan, N.M. ; Abidin, N. ; Rajadurai, J. 
2012Do knowledge management processes mediate the relationship between TQM factors and organizational business results?Daud, S. 
2011Do Malaysians use ICT tools when listened to their preferred music?Daud, S.M. ; Daud, S. ; Rasol, Z. ; Hassan, N.A. 
2011Enhancing university business curriculum using an importance-performance approach: A case study of the business management faculty of a university in MalaysiaDaud, S. ; Abidin, N. ; Sapuan, N.M. ; Rajadurai, J. 
2011Gap Analysis of MS1500: 2009 implementation: Malaysia industryDaud, S. ; Din, R.C. ; Bakar, S.A. ; Kadir, M.R. ; Sapuan, N.M. 
2017Human governance and employee compensation: A conceptual frameworkHanapiyah, Z.M. ; Daud, S. ; Wan Abdullah, W.M.T. ; Zainol, Z. 
2009The influence of total quality management and knowledge management on business resultsDaud, S. 
2010Innovative higher education curriculum design towards creating sustainable and competitive employeesDaud, S. ; Abidin, N. ; Sapuan, N.M. ; Rajadurai, J. 
2016Institutionalising Human Governance Determinant: Steering Organizations towards SustainabilityHanapiyah, Z.M. ; Daud, S. ; Wan Abdullah, W.M.T. 
2016Is MLQ Instrument Applicable to Verify the Blue Ocean Leadership Traits?Wan Hanafi, W.N. ; Daud, S. ; Baharin, N.L. 
2009Knowledge sharing in higher education institutions: Perspectives from MalaysiaSohail, M.S. ; Daud, S. 
2018The Marketability of Technical Graduates from Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) Offering Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET): A Case from MalaysiaRajadurai, J. ; Sapuan, N.M. ; Daud, S. ; Abidin, N. 
2018Organizational culture and sustainable competitive advantage in manufacturing companies in BahrainAlmuslamani, H.A. ; Daud, S. 
2016Potential of geothermal energy for electricity generation in Indonesia: A reviewNasruddin ; Idrus Alhamid, M. ; Daud, Y. ; Surachman, A. ; Sugiyono, A. ; Aditya, H.B. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. 
2006Restructuring a higher education institution: A case study from a developing countrySohail, M.S. ; Daud, S. ; Rajadurai, J.