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Salmia Binti Beddu,
Noor Alia Nor
Mohammed Azlan bin Mohamed Iqbal,
Norhayati Mat
Inaliah Mohd
Noraina Mazuin bte.
Suzaida bte.
Hamidah Bt Ramlan,
Mohd Hafiz Bin
Nazirul Mubin Bin
Abdul Aziz bin Mohamed Prof. Madya
Ahmad Wafi Bin Mahmood
Al Mahfoodh Ali Najah
College of Foundation and General Studies
College of Foundation and Diploma Studies
College of Computer Science and Information Technology
Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Prof.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Influence of process parameters on threshold voltage and leakage current in 18nm NMOS deviceAtan, N.B. ; Ahmad, I.B. ; Majlis, B.B.Y. ; Fauzi, I.B.A. 
22010Facile synthesis and characterizations of mof-5 coordination polymer with various metal linker ratios for ammonia gas storageMisran, Halina 
35-Sep-2016Adaptive fuzzy sugeno large of maxima optimization for gas turbine biofuel speed controllersFarrukh Hafiz Nagi, Assoc. Prof. Dr 
4Oct-2016Synthesis, characterization and controlled release properties of zinc–aluminium-beta-naphthoxyacetate nanocompositeZaemah Jubri, Dr ; Elya Sufliza bte Marsom @ Abdul Razak 
5Nov-2016Effect of different memristor window function with variable random resistance on the performance of memristor-based ro-pufFazrena Azlee bte. Hamid, Dr. ; Khairul Anwar Syahmi Che Ismail ; Julius Teo Han Loong 
62-Nov-2016Lithium-ion battery charge equalization algorithm for electric vehicle applicationsM.A Hannan 
7Nov-2016Implementation of triz in undergraduate beee and bepe engineering programmes in uniten – a proposalFazrena Azlee bte. Hamid, Dr. ; Nagaletchumi A/P Balasubramaniam 
8Dec-2016Implementing memristor in ring oscillators based random number generatorFazrena Azlee bte. Hamid, Dr. ; Julius Teo Han Loong ; Noor Alia Nor Hashim ; Muhammad Saiful Hamid 
92016Assessment of solid waste generated in UNITEN, Putrajaya CampusMohd Hafiz Bin Zawawi ; Nazirul Mubin Bin Zahari 
102016Adaptive fuzzy sugeno largest of maxima optimization for gas turbine biofuel speed controllerFarrukh Hafiz Nagi, Assoc. Prof. Dr 
112016Synthesis and characterization of different transiton metal-alginate based heterogeneous catalyst for esterification reaction.Pua Fei Ling @ Grace Pua 
122016Study on the correlation of neutronic and thermal hydraulic of triga mark ii puspati reactor coreAbdul Aziz bin Mohamed Prof. Madya Dr 
132016Determination of neturon thermal and epithermal at reactor triga puspati thermal column beam port exit using neutron spectrometry techniqueAbdul Aziz bin Mohamed Prof. Madya Dr 
142016Small angle x-ray scattering technique in studying the morphological structure of thermoplastic natural rubberAbdul Aziz bin Mohamed Prof. Madya Dr 
152016Switching control for capacitor banks in distribution systemAgileswari A/P Ramasamy, Dr 
162016Energy managementAgileswari A/P Ramasamy, Dr 
172016Gan based led drive circuit for visible light communication (VLC) with improved linearity using on-chip optical feedbackAhmad Wafi Bin Mahmood Zuhdi 
182017Support vector regression-based model for prediction of behavior stone column parameters in soft clay under highway embankmentAl Mahfoodh Ali Najah Ahmed 
192016Performance analysis of digsilent pv model connected to modelled malaysian distribution networkAgileswari A/P Ramasamy, Dr 
202017Production from macro algae as a biofuel for diesel engineAl Mahfoodh Ali Najah Ahmed 
212017An application of artificial intelligence (AI) technique for wave prediction in TerengganuAl Mahfoodh Ali Najah Ahmed 
222017Neural network fitting using levenberg-marquardt training algorithm for pm10 concentration forecasting in Kuala TerengganuAl Mahfoodh Ali Najah Ahmed 
23Oct-2016A comparative study of evolutionary algorithms and adapting control parameters for estimating the parameters of a single-diode photovoltaic module's modelAbu Bakar Bin Mhd Ghazali, Prof. Madya Dr 
242016An intelligent selection method based on game theory in heterogeneous wireless networksOng Hang See, Assoc. Prof. Dr 
252016A review of permanent magnet linear motor with halbach arrayA.K.M. Parvez Iqbal 
26Oct-2016An experimental investigation on the effects of forming temperature and sintering schedule to the final characteristics of fe92cu7.5al0.5 powder compactsMd. Mujibur Rahman 
272016Deploying the concept of agent-mediated knowledge management in mobile apps for collective decision makingIsmail, S. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
28Oct-2010Computer - Based training development - CGMB 524 - Semester 1, 2010/2011College of Computer Science and Information Technology 
292014A multi-agent knowledge expert locating system: A software agent simulation on personal knowledge management (PKM) modelIsmail, S. ; Nguyen, T.D. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
3023-Aug-2016Computational model of a norm’S yieldMohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Assoc. Prof. Dr. ; Alicia Tang Yee Chong, Dr. ; Moamin A Mahmoud ; Al-Mutazbellah Khamees Itaiwi 
31Sep-2014MIS & competitive intelligence - MITM 773/MISM 613 - Semester 1, 2014/2015College of Graduate Studies 
32Sep-2014Advanced computer networks - MITM 753 - Semester 1, 2014/2015College of Graduate Studies 
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