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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Bandwidth sharing scheme in DiffServ-aware MPLS networksDin, N.Md. ; Hakimie, H. ; Fisal, N. 
2018Bat algorithm and neural network for monthly streamflow predictionZaini, N. ; Malek, M.A. ; Yusoff, M. ; Osmi, S.F.C. ; Mardi, N.H. ; Norhisham, S. 
2003Bifurcation analysis based performance evaluation of power system incorporating FACTS controllerMarsadek, M. ; Mukerjee, R.N. ; Tanggawelu, B. ; Basha, A. ; Ariffin, A.E. 
2015Big data maturity model for Malaysian zakat institutions to embark on big data initiativesSulaiman, H. ; Cob, Z.C. ; Ali, N. 
2018Biodiesel impact on cost, fuel saving and emission reduction for power generation in MalaysiaTan, E.S. ; Fauzan, N.A. ; Yoshikawa, K. 
Sep-2016Board characteristics, country of origin and the decision to participate in the cdp's water programmeBakhtiar bin Alrazi ; Inaliah Mohd Ali ; Norhayati Mat Husin 
2010Breast cancer prediction based on backpropagation algorithmAzmi, M.S.B.M. ; Cob, Z.C. 
2018A Buck-Chopper Based Energy Storage System for the Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters in PV ApplicationsVavilapalli, S. ; Umashankar, S. ; Sanjeevikumar, P. ; Fed├ík, V. ; Mihet-Popa, L. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
2018Calculating the Moduli Elasticity for Reinforced Concrete Using New Rule of Mixtures Approach for the Dam StructureZulkefli, Z.F. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Hassan, N.H. ; Zainol, M.R.R.M.A. ; Abas, M.A. ; Mazlan, A.Z.A. 
2018Causes of delay on highway construction project in Klang valleyKarunakaran, S. ; Ramli, M.Z. ; Malek, M.A. ; Musir, A.A. ; Imran, N.F. ; Fuad, N.F.S.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Zainal, M.Z. 
2018Centralization and complexity moderating the relationship between information quality and decision-making effectiveness: A study of banks in PalestineSharif, Z.M. ; Abumandil, M.S.S. ; Obaid, T.F. 
2017CFD analysis of temperature imbalance in superheater/reheater region of tangentially coal-fired boilerZainudin, A.F. ; Hasini, H. ; Fadhil, S.S.A. 
2018CFD based investigation on effect of classifier blade length to coal particle distribution in coal pulverizerWhy, E.S.K. ; Ismail, F.B. ; Hasini, H. ; Nasif, M.S. 
2018CFD based investigation on effect of classifier blade length to coal particle distribution in coal pulverizerWhy, E.S.K. ; Ismail, F.B. ; Hasini, H. ; Nasif, M.S. 
2017Character recognition of Malaysian vehicle license plate with deep convolutional neural networksHow, D.N.T. ; Sahari, K.S.M. 
2017Characteristics of FeCuAl powder compacts formed through uniaxial die compaction routeRahman, M.M. ; Ismail, M.A. ; Rahman, H.Y. 
2010Characterization of a submicron PMOS in mixer circuitsYeap, K.H. ; Ahmad, I. ; Rizman, Z.I. ; Chew, K. ; Chong, K.H. ; Yong, Y.T. 
2018Characterization of iron ore with Al2O3 as oxygen carrier in Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC)Afandi, N.F. ; Manap, A. ; Mahalingam, S. ; Danial, A. 
2016Characterization of Phase Resolved Partial Discharge waveforms from instrument transformer using statistical signal processing techniqueThayoob, Y.H.M. ; Ahmed, S.K. ; Piau, C.C. ; Ping, C.Y. ; Balasubramaniam, Y. 
2018Characterizing Inhibitor Content of Transformer Oil in the UV-Visible WavebandLeong, Y.S. ; Ker, P.J. ; Jamaludin, M.Z. ; Nomanbhay, S.M. ; Ismail, A. ; Abdullah, F. ; Looe, M.H. ; Lo, C.K.