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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019Localized region based face recognition using discrete krawtchouk momentsTiagrajah V. Janahiramana ; Ajwad Nadhirah Binti Ahmad Tarmizia ; Chen Soong Derb ; Hazleen Binti Arisc ; Azman Bin Zakariad 
Jan-2020Long Term Load Forecasting using Grey Wolf Optimizer – Artificial Neural NetworkZuhaila Mat Yasin ; Nur Ashida Salim ; Nur Fadilah Ab Aziz 
2015Long-term Settlement of Waste Soil at Closed Dumping Area in MalaysiaAhmad Azdi Hosni ; Nur Irfah Mohd Pauzi ; and Halina Misran 
2000Materials for high temperature power generation and process plant applicationsEdited by A. Strang 
2015Measuring Cultural Readiness for Knowledge SharingNorliza Jumeri ; Nor'Ashikin Ali 
2014A methodology to determine suitable placement of solar photovoltaic sources in the transmission system taking into account Voltage Stability Index (VSI)Sie, A.W.H. ; Abidin, I.Z. ; Hashim, H. 
2014Micro-hydropower potential assessment and generation volatility due to seasonal climateKhan, M.R.B. ; Jidin, R. ; Pasupuleti, J. ; Shaaya, S.A. 
2016A microcontroller-based system for liquid level detection using infrared sensingSing, L.Y. ; Ker, P.J. 
2015Microstructure and Mechanical Strength of Gamma Ray Irradiated Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 (Bi-2212) SuperconductorZaahidah 'Atiqah Binti Mohiju ; Nasri A.Hamid ; Yusof Abdullah 
2016Modeling and simulation of InAs photodiode on electric field profile and dark current characteristicsRoslan, P.S.A. ; Ker, P.J. ; Ahmad, I. ; Pasupuleti, J. ; Fam, P.Z. 
Apr-2017Modeling of Graphene-Clad Chalcogenide Tapered Fiber Using Finite Element MethodHui Jing Lee ; Fairuz Abdullah ; Aiman Ismail 
Jan-2020Modelling and Design of a Current Controller for Light Rail Regenerative Inverter SystemM. H. Z. Hilmi ; C. L. Toh ; P. C. Ooi 
2016Modelling of 14NM gate length La2O3-based n-type MOSFETMah, S.K. ; Ahmad, I. ; Ker, P.J. ; Noor Faizah, Z.A. 
2015New vehicle bumper design for pedestrian protection during impactSamaka, H. ; Manap, A. ; Tarlochan, F. 
2015Noise Filtration Technique for Partial Discharge Diagnosis on Instrument Transformer using Statistical ToolsChua Chun Piau ; Chong Yu Ping ; Yasmin Hanum Md Thayoob ; Syed Khaleel Ahmed ; Yogendra Balasubramaniam 
2015Numerical Simulation for Enhanced Energy Absorption of Thin-Walled Rectangular Tube with Trigger MechanismOmar Zaroog ; Jamal Sameer ; Samer F 
Jan-2020Numerical Study of the Flow-Induced Vibration During Tunnel Surging at the Intake Section of Chenderoh DamA Arbain ; MH Zawawi ; MHA Satar ; Aza Mazlan ; MA Abas ; MRM Radzi ; MH Zawawi 
2012One-dimensional analysis of the behaviour of wet steam at different inlet conditionsMalek, N.A. ; Hasini, H. ; Yusoff, M.Z. 
2014Optimal combinations of PV, wind, micro-hydro and diesel systems for a seasonal load demandKhan, M.R.B. ; Jidin, R. ; Pasupuleti, J. ; Shaaya, S.A. 
Feb-2020Optimal TCSC Allocation via Chaotic Immune Symbiotic Organisms Search for Voltage Profile ImprovementMohamad Khairuzzaman Mohamad Zamani ; Ismail Musirin ; Saiful Izwan Suliman ; Sharifah Azma Syed Mustaffa ; Nur Zahirah Mohd Ali ; Mohd Helmi Mansor ; Zulkiffli Abdul Hamid