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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Process Parameters Optimization of 14nm MOSFET Using 2-D Analytical ModellingNoor Faizah, Z.A. ; Ahmad, I. ; Ker, P.J. ; Siti Munirah, Y. ; Mohd Firdaus, R. ; Md Fazle, E. ; Menon, P.S. 
2006Pulse power failure model of power MOSFET due to electrical overstress using tasca methodIsmail, N.S. ; Ahmad, I. ; Husain, H. ; Chuah, S. 
2008Reduction of warpage occurrence on stack-die QFN using FEA and statistical methodAbdullah, I. ; Ahmad, I. ; Talib, M.Z.M. ; Kamarudin, M.N.B.C. 
2014Reflow soldering process for Sn3.5Ag solder on ENIG using rapid thermal processing systemAdhila Muhammad, N. ; Bais, B. ; Ahmad, I. 
2013Responsivity optimization of a MQW SOI-based lateral PIN photodiode using Taguchi's L27 orthogonal arrayMenon, P.S. ; Tasirin, S.K. ; Ahmad, I. ; Abdullah, S.F. ; Apte, P.R. 
2000Review on policies, research & development in microelectronic industry in MalaysiaAhmad, I.B. ; Sulaiman, N.B. 
2012Robust optimization of a silicon lateral pin photodiodeKalthom Tasirin, S. ; Susthitha Menon, P. ; Ahmad, I. ; Fazlili Abdullah, S. 
2012Scaling down of the 32 nm to 22 nm gate length NMOS transistorAfifah Maheran, A.H. ; Menon, P.S. ; Ahmad, I. ; Elgomati, H.A. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Salehuddin, F. 
2008Selection of high strength encapsulant for MEMS devices undergoing high-pressure packagingHamzah, A.A. ; Husaini, Y. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Ahmad, I. 
2009Simulation of fabrication process VDMOSFET transistor using Silvaco softwareAbdullah, H. ; Jurait, J. ; Lennie, A. ; Nopiah, Z.M. ; Ahmad, I. 
2006Solder bump strength and failure mode of low-k flip chip deviceEndut, Z. ; Ahmad, I. ; Swee, G.L.H. ; Sukemi, N.M. 
2006Solder joint strength of lead free solders under multiple reflow and high temperature storage conditionAhmad, I. ; Jalar, A. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Leng, E.P. ; San, Y.S. 
2004Some aspects of surface morphology and elemental analysis study on non-wetting problem at die topSalleh, M.M. ; Ahmad, I. ; Jalar, A. ; Omar, G. ; Abdullah, S.H. ; Arshad, M.K. 
2008Sputtered encapsulation as wafer level packaging for isolatable MEMS devices: A technique demonstrated on a capacitive accelerometerHamzah, A.A. ; Yunas, J. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Ahmad, I. 
2009Statistical design of ultra-thin SiO2 for nanodevicesHashim, U. ; Abdul Fatah, M.F.A. ; Ahmad, I. ; Majlis, B.Y. 
2012Statistical modeling of solar cell using Taguchi method and TCAD toolBahrudin, M.S. ; Abdullah, S.F. ; Ahmad, I. 
2016Statistical modelling of 14nm n-types MOSFETNoor Faizah, Z.A. ; Ahmad, I. ; Ker, P.J. ; Siti Munirah, Y. ; Mohd Firdaus, R. ; Mah, S.K. ; Menon, P.S. 
2011Statistical optimization for process parameters to reduce variability of 32 nm PMOS transistor threshold voltageElgomati, H.A. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Ahmad, I. ; Salehuddin, F. ; Hamid, F.A. ; Zaharim, A. ; Mohamad, T.Z. ; Apte, P.R. 
2014Statistical process modelling for 32nm high-K/metal gate PMOS deviceMaheran, A.H.A. ; Noor Faizah, Z.A. ; Menon, P.S. ; Ahmad, I. ; Apte, P.R. ; Kalaivani, T. ; Salehuddin, F. 
2006Study of lifetime prediction of N-MOS transistor due to hot carrier effectAhmad, I. ; Kornain, Z. ; Idros, M.F.M.